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HomeScreens App


The HomeScreens App is a mobile and android application that allows houseless individuals and officials working at shelters be able to reserve beds and view occupancy/bed manning organization through the convenience of an app. As a part of this service, houseless individuals do not have to pay for cellular services and WIFI. 

The Why

When I was working at a women and children's shelter during the summer of 2023, My job was to answer phone calls in the afternoon. Like clockwork, I received numerous calls starting at around noon from women asking for a place to stay or a place for their children. I was trained to say no rooms were available and refer them to a website with a full list of shelters and contact information. After the first couple of days of this internship, I was heartbroken. I asked one of my supervisors why I was put on the job, and they said that they needed someone nice to turn the houseless women down. This infuriated me since I knew that these women would not be able to call other places due to wifi/cellular costs, their job requirements, or their childrens’ needs. They took a risk calling us, and we failed them. I knew I had to make a change.

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