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HomeScreens is an official 501c(3) nonprofit organization founded to provide accessible resources to the houseless youth and families in California. Additionally, it is a social impact startup in the form of a mobile app. 


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Screening Tests 

HomeScreens' screening tests have been authorized by different psychiatrists in Los Angeles and abide by federal law CLIA guidelines for proper administration and facilitation of medical devices. The tests are paralleled to normal tests, but differ in that they provide nuanced questions which benefit the population it is serving.


Youth Engagement

HomeScreens also has different programs set in place to teach the houseless-youth population about correctional CBT and coping strategies. The implementation of a gender studies course has been new but positively received as a way to "encourage young women and men in these situations to break their patterns" (Meera)

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Medical Guidance

As per HomeScreens mission, HomeScreens volunteers are dedicated to providing additional guidance such as registration for Medi-Cal as well as referral to specialized medical care. 


Click here to read about HomeScreens and research on its accuracy

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